Learn About the Plan

What is the City doing?Featured image

The City is developing a Transit Master Plan to address short- and long-term service needs of the Conejo Valley. To develop an effective Plan, the City will be undertaking a variety of community activities including surveys and public meetings. Resident input will help ensure the Plan is representative of the community’s needs. The City is working with a consulting firm to develop the Transit Master Plan.

This project is funded by a grant from Caltrans in coordination with the Southern California Association of Governments.

Why is the City doing this?

The City’s goal is to create a sustainable transit system that addresses the mobility needs of the community while enhancing the quality of life in Thousand Oaks. The City will explore ways to improve regional transit services and reduce traffic, which may in turn decrease pollution.

When is the City doing this work?

The City began the planning process for this in September. Goal-setting and data collecting is happening throughout the remainder of this year, concluding in the first quarter of 2016. Several public workshops will take place during December 2015 (see the Events page for more details). The draft Plan will be presented for review and comment in Spring 2016. The Transit Master Plan will be finalized and presented at a public hearing for adoption by the City Council in Summer 2016.

How can I participate?

You can participate by attending community workshops, taking the online community survey, reviewing project materials, and providing your comments.  The more feedback we receive from the community, the better the Plan will reflect the community’s mobility needs and priorities.

What if I have questions?

This page will be updated throughout the project, so check back frequently or follow us to get all the latest information.  Be sure to click on the Documents tab to view project-related files and documents. You may also submit comments and questions to TOTransit@toaks.org or call (805) 449-2499.


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